Solid Waste Management Authority

Board of Directors / Committees / Organization

Board of Directors

Matt Curley,  Executive Director

Bill Jennings, Chairman
Town of Stephentown

Tim Salisbury, Vice Chairman
Town of Schaghticoke

Charlie Collins, Treasurer
Village of Nassau

Bob Russell, Secretary
Town of Pittstown

Denile Paro
Village of Valley Falls

Deb Alter
Village of Hoosick Falls

Eric Samarija
Village of Castleton-on-Hudson


Finance Committee:
Charlie Collins (chair); Bob Russell, Deb Alter

Education Committee:
Tim Salisbury (chair); Bill Jennings

Planning/Transportation Committee:
Denile Paro (chair); Tim Salisbury

Audit Committee:
Bob Russell (chair); Charlie Collins

Governance Committee:
Bill Jennings (chair); Denile Paro


Executive Director
Matt Curley

Administrative Assistant
Penny Pleasant